Guinness Rolls Out "Bold" Campaign

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Guinness Rolls Out "Bold" Campaign

By Alex Palmer - 11/18/2009
NORWALK, Conn. -- Guinness is going bold with a new advertising push. Themed "Fortune Favors the Bold," the campaign, which began Nov. 9, includes television spots and social media efforts.

The TV ads include 30-second and 45-second spots that follow as a fresh pint of Guinness goes on a journey through city streets and offices. Developed by BBDO, the commercial shows the Guinness arriving just in time to a "bold" employee who is in salary negotiations with his new boss. The pint arrives and the ad closes with a celebratory toast between the team of employees.

The spots will run on networks including ESPN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel and FX, in November, December and March, the company reported.

A third 15-second social responsibility spot urges drinkers to be sure to have a designated driver. The same traveling Guinness pint is featured, this time heading to the bar, followed by a glass of water. The final shot of the ad is two glasses of Guinness and a glass of water with the tagline "Fortune Favors the Bold." The company will also be focusing advertising efforts on Twitter and Facebook.

Guinness case sales were up 0.5 percent last year, according to Beer Marketer's Insights. During the first nine months of this year, they are down 1 percent.

Still, the brand is holding strong compared to the rest of imported beer category, which is down 9 percent overall. "Guinness isn't a big brand -- it's less than half a share of the U.S. beer business, but it's the fifth largest import," said Benj Steinman, editor of Beer Marketer's Insights. "They want to demonstrate their commitment to their beers."

-- Nielsen Business Media