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Han-Dee Hugo Gives Hope

Bright green and gold shamrocks adorn the walls of the Han-Dee Hugo convenience store, and store manager Clara Ray couldn't be happier.

Ray and her five employees sold enough Shamrocks to raise $1,050, enough to send two children with Muscular Dystrophy to Camp New Hope for one week this summer.

Ray said they began selling the shamrocks for one dollar and five dollars a piece to customers, in order to raise the money, March 1 through March 18. She said when a customer purchases a shamrock they write their name on it and then it is hung up in the store, according to the The Sampson (N.C.) Independent.

The store has participated in raising funds for Muscular Dystrophy for at least the last six years and probably more, but she knows for sure the past six years, as long as she has worked at the store.

"But," she says, "this is the first year we have been able to raise enough to send two children to camp. It takes $525 to send one child and we raised $1,050, enough for two."

Ray pointed to the side wall facing the front entrance and said that wall was their "Lundy Truck Driver's" wall because every one of the shamrocks on that wall was purchased from the truck drivers from Lundy's and she said that is the wall they get every year for their shamrocks. Ray said they don't know what child will get to attend camp at Camp New Hope, N.C., but she's sure each child will enjoy it.

She said, "Just think about it, if you had a child in a wheelchair and he had a chance to go to camp for a week, to be with other children and have a good time, plus you knew he would be well taken care of, wouldn't you want your child to go? Also, it's got to be good for the parents to have a little break and maybe a vacation of their own for a few days."

Ray said she and her other employees, Rachel Jones, assistant store manager, with store clerks Tracy Micke, Karen Griffith, Tim Sherrod, and Ashley Trogdon, would like to thank all the customers that purchased a green or gold shamrock and helped them meet their goal of $1,050.

She said, "I am just so proud of my store and fellow employees for selling all of these shamrocks," she said as she swept her hand across the counter in the air. "I just wanted everyone to know it. After all, the money is going for a good cause - to help not only one child but two."
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