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Hershey’s Caramels

Each piece perfectly balances milk or dark chocolate and caramel.

The Hershey Co. combined Hershey’s chocolate with smooth, creamy caramel to create new Hershey’s Caramels. Made with sea salt, molasses and fresh dairy butter, each caramel piece is coated with milk or dark chocolate to ensure the perfect balance of chocolate and caramel in every bite, according to the maker. Cocoa is then added to the milk chocolate variety to provide a rich, deep chocolate flavor to complement the sweetness of the caramel. Hershey’s Caramels are individually wrapped and available in a 7.2-ounce standup pouch for a suggested retail price of $4.19. Hershey’s Caramels in milk chocolate are also available in a 1.1-ounce bar for a suggested retail price of $1.29. 

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