Hunt Brothers Pizza Awards 25 C-store Makeovers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Hunt Brothers Pizza is celebrating its 25th anniversary by rewarding 25 of its small-business retail partners with a pizza program upgrade. 

Through the "25 for 25 Video Contest," Hunt Brothers retail partners submitted videos detailing the importance of their pizza programs to their businesses, families and communities.

Twenty-five entrants were selected to receive a pizza program upgrade, including new ovens, warmers, freezers or refrigerators, and makeovers complete with digital menu boards. The company's investment will total $375,000.

The contest was created as a way to thank its partners for their shared accomplishments, and show the brand’s commitment to help further the success of its partners, Hunt Brothers said in a statement.  

"The hundreds of stories we heard from our customers warmed our hearts, and it reaffirmed our dedication to helping our customers grow their business," said CEO Scott Hunt. "The stories reminded us how much Hunt Brothers Pizza means to the many communities we serve, many of which are in small towns. Because of their Hunt Brothers Pizza program, many stores can afford to give back to their communities through pizza fundraising campaigns, local sponsorships and events."

Unveilings of the revamped pizza programs will be celebrated with community grand reopening events at a later date.

"We value our customers so much, and we hope that by giving a few of our customers a new pizza shoppe, we will show our appreciation for them and further help them support their communities," Hunt added.

To view the winners list, watch the submission videos, and learn more about the "25 for 25 Video Contest," click here.

Headquartered in Nashville, Hunt Brothers Pizza is a family-owned and -operated supplier, with more than 7,300 locations in 28 states. 

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