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It's Deals, Deals & More Deals at Fast Feeders

NATIONAL REPORT – Fast-food chains are doing their best to lure customers in from the January cold with enticing deals –- an annual tradition for the month during which these chains frequently see their steepest monthly sales decreases, according to a USA Today report.

Higher bills and extra pounds from the holidays present difficulties to restaurants trying to get consumers to spend more, but not insurmountable ones.

"The challenge is to convince the consumer that the deal is so good that it simply cannot be passed up," Derek Farley, president of restaurant specialty public relations firm DFPR, told the news outlet. "Dining is the first and easiest thing to resist when you're being cautious with your wallet and your gut."

Failure to do so can lead to sales decreases as high as minus 3 percent for many larger fast-food chains, according to Farley. This year's January deals include:

  • Burger King: A free small cup of coffee with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich through Jan. 29.
  • Subway: All regular footlong sub sandwiches are $5 for the month.
  • Wendy's: The Spicy Chipotle Crispy Chicken and Spicy Chipotle Jr. Cheeseburger are on sale for 99 cents each.
  • Taco Bell: Starting Jan. 23, most locations will offer all Loaded Grillers for $1 for a limited time to celebrate the addition of the new flavors Chipotle Ranch Chicken and Chili Cheese Fries.
  • Carl's Jr.: Participating restaurants are reintroducing Jumbo Chili Dogs at two for $3.
  • Dairy Queen: A cheeseburger, fries, soft drink and sundae lunch are on sale for $5.
  • Starbucks: Baristas will offer samples of new Via Lattes and a $1 discount on a handcrafted beverage for participating customers from Jan. 16-19.

Other restaurant chains, including Pizza Hut, Papa John's and IHOP, are also offering January deals.

However, there may be even better deals to come later in the year, as most chains "save their best for unplanned, desperate times," Farley said.

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