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Jackson's Food Store Sells Winning Powerball Ticket

BOISE, Idaho -- A Boise, Idaho, resident came forward with the winning Powerball ticket worth $220.3 million, the 10th largest prize ever awarded by the multi-state lottery, reported the Associated Press.

The winner, a local resident in his 30s who had been playing the same numbers the last four years, bought his ticket Saturday at a Jackson's Food Store convenience store in central Boise, but the man's name has not yet been released, said Idaho Lottery Commission director Roger Simmons.

That same Jackson's store sold an $87 million winning lotto ticket nearly 10 years ago, the previous record jackpot in Idaho.

Simmons said the Boise man brought the ticket to the Idaho lottery headquarters Monday afternoon only an hour after he went into another c-store and realized he had won the jackpot.

The winning ticket has been verified by the lottery, but the man wanted to decide whether to receive the full lottery jackpot over the next 30 years or take a one-time payout of $125 million.

If he takes the payout, lottery officials estimate he'll pocket $84 million after state and federal taxes.

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