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Kretek Enters North American Snus Market

MOORPARK, Calif. -- Kretek International Inc. knows its snus, as evidenced by its recent decision to enter the North American market with three Swedish brands: Thunder Xtreme, Offroad, and Oden's Extreme.

“Our research shows us that snus will be an active part of the future of tobacco,” said Kretek CEO Mark Cassar. “As the category gains traction, a tipping point is coming that will favor snus as a regular choice for many adult tobacco users.”

As CSNews previously reported, the snus segment of OTP is currently in transition and is being driven by notable shifts in adult consumer tobacco choices and habits, according to the company. Smoking restrictions and taxation have led to more discreet products such as electronic cigarettes and snus.

A total of 12 SKUs are available in the new line. Each brand is packaged in standard round 20-pouch cans, five cans per sleeve. They will be introduced in counter displays to gain exposure in the tobacco section of convenience stores and tobacco shops.

The brands offered by Kretek adhere to strict Swedish standards governing ingredients, preparation, pasteurization, and other quality measures. Thunder, Offroad, and Oden’s are available to distributors and retailers nationwide.


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