Kwik Trip Awards Bonus Points as Loyalty Program Comes Back Online

Kwik Rewards members should once again have full access to their accounts, along with their requisite points and discounts.
Amanda Koprowski
Associate Editor
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A Kwik Trip c-store

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Two weeks after a cybersecurity incident on its internal network, Kwik Trip Inc. has announced its rewards program is back up and running again, and should now be available to all customers.

On Oct. 9, the c-store operator experienced a temporary shutdown of its website, rewards program and mobile app. Though some functionality had been restored in the interim, it was only this past week where customers could again fully access their Kwik Rewards accounts.

Kwik Trip alerted customers to the restoration via email, along with an announcement that every visit until Nov. 5 would receive double points for rewards members, reported

The convenience store chain has also set up a full public FAQ on its website to answer any lingering questions. Among other things, the FAQ states:

  • Any visits made between Oct. 19-23 will be recorded for rewards members with all requisite points and discounts applied.
  • Coupons and discounts set to expire during the outage have been extended past their original deadlines to allow customers to use them if they did not get a chance to do so the previous two weeks.
  • Members who set their 15 visit reward as a fuel discount may see their bonus visits revert to their 5-cent fuel discount and will subsequently need to reset their preferences.
  • Some app features, such as the Order Ahead function, have not yet been brought back online.

Kwik Trip also added that it does not appear that any credit card or payment information has been compromised, and it will be safe for guests to use card information in the rewards program going ahead.

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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Kwik Trip's internal communications systems and its La Crosse productions facilities were also affected by the attack, though most of those networks have subsequently been recovered. 

As of now, an inquiry into the incident is ongoing. The company released no deadline for the conclusion of the investigation but stated that it would take some time before a final report would be made.

La Crosse-based Kwik Trip operates more than 840 convenience stores in the Midwest. Its stores are known as Kwik Trip in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and as Kwik Star in Iowa and South Dakota.