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Kwik Trip Introduces Doughnut-Inspired Potato Chips

Blueberry Dunker-flavored URGE potato chips are available for a limited time.
Danielle Romano
Kwik Trip Blueberry Dunker chips

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Kwik Trip Inc.'s newest innovation combines the snackability of two customer favorites: doughnuts and chips.

The convenience store chain took to social media Monday to reveal its new, limited-time Blueberry Dunker-flavored URGE potato chips. The flavored snack is a nod to the chain's popular Blueberry Dunker doughnuts, which debuted in 2013. In 2023, the company made more than 9 million Blueberry Dunkers, reported Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

According to Kwik Trip Director of Category Management Will Churchill, the company wanted to create a new product based on one of its popular products. After testing various options, the Blueberry Dunker chips were the winner, combining sweet and salty flavors.

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Over the last few weeks, Kwik Trip has been teasing on social media that the company had an announcement about a new product in the pipeline.

"The launch of this new product has been a fun one for our team to tease on social media these past few weeks," said Paige Geary, Kwik Trip's social media supervisor.

The Blueberry Dunker-flavored URGE potato chips will hit shelves May 18.

This is the second time Kwik Trip has been inspired by a doughnut while creating a limited-time snack. In 2019, the brand launched Glazers-flavored chips. The idea for the chip started from an April Fool's Day joke three years prior. Employees and customers loved the idea, and Kwik Trip worked to make it a reality, as Convenience Store News previously reported.

La Crosse-based Kwik Trip is a family-owned convenience store chain that operates more than 870 locations. Stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan operate under the Kwik Trip banner, while stores in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota operate under the Kwik Star banner. 

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