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Landshire Goes National

BELLEVILLE, Ill. -- Landshire Inc. unveiled innovative new sandwich packaging that has dramatically increased sales and is expected to take the company to nationwide distribution. The company expects to complete the packaging rollout nationally by the end of January.

The new package design was the result of two years of research and design studies by a New York-based marketing firm. More than 1,000 convenience store customers were interviewed in the Kansas City and St. Louis markets. The information was collected and then taken back to the studio where new designs were drawn.

Unlike previous designs, the new packaging is opaque, which prevents damaging light from entering the package. This, combined with a state-of-the-art seal that locks in flavor, ensures product freshness and increased consumer satisfaction. A photograph of the sandwich creates a billboard effect for customers, increasing appetite appeal.

The research has paid off. Sales are up 34 percent over last year since the products were launched with the new design in September, said Jody Trover, the company's president and CEO.

"Landshire has been committed to quality and customer service for 40 years, and we needed our packaging to reflect that commitment," Trover said. "Our customers dictate what we do at Landshire, and research shows the new packaging is what customers want."
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