LOGIC Launches Its First Vapor Systems


POMPANO BEACH, Fla.  LOGIC Technology Development LLC is expanding beyond electronic cigarettes and launching LOGIC PRO Advanced Vapor Systems. The e-vapor product will make its official debut at the 2014 NACS Show in Las Vegas next week.

According to the Pompano Beach-based company, LOGIC PRO Advanced Vapor Systems are designed with high-quality metals and work in conjunction with pre-filled, vacuum-sealed LOGIC PRO eLiquid Disposable Capsules to provide both a heightened level of taste, consistency and value to adult consumers, as well as an enhanced profitability for retailers by allowing them to recapture sales that have migrated to online stores.

"For the past year, we have been working on new technology for vaporizers. What we have come across is a new way  and we think a much better way  of doing a traditional open-system vaporizer," LOGIC President Miguel Martin told CSNews Online. "We have taken that technology and instead of having that open clearomizer or tank, we have a capsule."

That capsule, he explained, does a few things:

  • The transitions of the liquid and the heating element are cleaner so it is a better experience for the user;
  • There is none of the mess or dripping associated with traditional e-liquids; and
  • There are no regulatory issues in terms of accidental e-liquid exposure or poisoning to kids because it is in a sealed capsule.

A big plus for retailers is: LOGIC PRO Advanced Vapor Systems will only be available in brick-and-mortar stores, not online, Martin added.

"Retailers tell us that with traditional open systems, people buy the pen in the store, then go online to purchase e-liquids where they are cheaper and, in some cases, allows them to get flavors not available in the store. This product keeps all the profits in the retail store," he explained, adding that the LOGIC vaporizer is not compatible with any online e-liquids.

According to Martin, early feedback from LOGIC's retailer customers has been positive. "They are thrilled someone has come out with a format that doesn't deposition them with people who don't have brick-and-mortar, no infrastructure or overhead, and keeps all the profit in the retail store," he said.

Unlike other vapor systems with flavored e-liquids, LOGIC is sticking with its current flavor portfolio: Platinum Tobacco, Platinum Tobacco Menthol, Black Tobacco and Black Menthol.

LOGIC PRO Advanced Vapor Systems will hit retail shelves by this winter, accompanied by strong retail support programs. Following the launch, LOGIC expects to deliver additional new products and breakthrough innovation for adult consumers in the coming year.

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