Love's Rewards Gemini Drivers for Commitment to Safety

Truck operators have received more than $24 million in bonuses over the lifetime of the safety program.
A Love's fuel truck in front of a Love's Travel Stop

OKLAHOMA CITY Love's Travel Stops awarded 140 Gemini Motor Transport drivers more than $2.3 million in bonuses for their commitment to safety last year. 

Gemini, a member of the Love's Family of Companies, operates a fleet of more than 1,600 drivers who transport fuel to Love's Travel Stops across the country.

"The safety of our drivers and those on the roadways around us is our top priority, and rewarding drivers for maintaining Gemini's high standard of safety is exciting to see,” said Jeremy Gravely, director of Gemini. “The Safe Drivers Program is an investment that's unmatched in the industry, and one that's crucial to the success of Gemini and Love's Travel Stops.”

Bonuses are based on safety credits awarded to drivers on an annual basis. To earn one credit, drivers must remain accident- and ticket-free and have no fuel-related incidents over the course of one year. Drivers must also pass all U.S. Department of Transportation and Gemini inspections and adhere to Gemini's safety policies. Once drivers collect five safety credits, they're eligible to receive the bonus.

Bonuses are given on a five- and 10-year basis. This year, 96 recipients received a five-year bonus, and 44 recipients received a 10-year bonus. Gemini drivers have been paid more than $24 million in safety bonuses throughout the the history of the program.

Last month, Love's released its 2023 outlook, which included Gemini's ongoing commitment to safety. The company announced its intention to add 325 new trucks to its fleet while replacing 250 older-mileage trucks. Love's will also continue to expand its opportunities for truck maintenance and education at its Truck Care Academy in Amarillo, Texas.

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Love's Travel Stops has a network of 600 locations in 42 states, along with 430 truck service centers under the Speedco and Love's Truck Care names.