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MasonWays Safety Products for Employees and Customers during the COVID-19 Corona Virus

Everyone is navigating the COVID-19 Corona virus and how it impacts our health and safety. Keeping your business operating virus-free and staying hygienic is a priority. MasonWays has products which help you solve these issues. Our Locked Sanitizing Equipment Cabinet keeps disinfectant and cleaning products securely stored in one convenient location for quick access by employees, allowing you to maintain a more sanitary work site. Cabinet can be positioned indoors or outdoors for frequent cleaning of store and site.

MasonWays anti-microbial Dunnage Racks and our Merchandising/Storage Bases keep food and merchandise off the floor to help maintain food safety, meet health department regulations to avoid fines. With over 80 base sizes to choose from, promote sales in store or front of store on our merchandising bases. Customize storage areas in your coolers, freezers and back rooms as per sites specific size requirements.

MasonWays new Disposable Glove Dispenser tells customers your employees are practicing the best guidelines for safety. Customers can participate in the war against the spread of pathogens when units are positioned at entrances for customers to use when entering the store.

Retailers, convenience stores, supermarkets, fuel chains and the food industry continue to strive for improved methods to protect employees and consumers. MasonWays is at the forefront of creating and providing solutions. Products are manufactured in the United States produced using USDA approved polyethylene plastic that is durable and recyclable. For more info visit

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