Maverik Moves 'Base Camp' to Downtown Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY —  With the opening of a new headquarters, which includes its 279th convenience store, Maverik Inc. has moved its "base camp" to downtown Salt Lake City, reported Good4Utah.

Company founder Reuel Call began operations nearly 88 years ago when he opened a two-pump gas station in Afton, Wyo. While Maverik moved its headquarters to Utah several years ago — most recently, located in North Salt Lake City — the retailer's opening of this new base camp in downtown Salt Lake signals a permanent change. 

"...We are moving our state of corporation to Utah," said Maverik CEO Tom Welch. "We are becoming a Utah company."

Downstairs from its new HQ offices is something that's a first for downtown Salt Lake: a Maverik in the heart of the state's capital city.

"We are excited about our office building. We are making a statement that this is our home," Welch added. "It's a great time in Maverik's history."

Maverik operates c-stores across 10 western states. As part of its goal to be "Adventure's First Stop," the chain is working to make its Maverik convenience stores a destination for consumers while continuing to embrace the attributes of fast, friendly and clean, according to the report. 

"We have been growing in the last 10 years, but recently there has been a renewed commitment," Aaron Simpson, vice president of marketing for Maverik, told the news outlet. "As Utah continues to grow and expand, we are in your neighborhoods and by your work, so you can enjoy your adventure close to home." 

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