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Maverik Stores Testing Energy Spray

NORTH SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- Maverik Inc. signed on with UpLift Nutrition to test market the company’s new All-Day Energy Spray in 10 of its northern Utah adventure-themed convenience stores.

"The product first hit store shelves May 11 and sales are promising after only two weeks," UpLift Nutrition President Gary C. Lewis said in a statement. "The overall response has been positive from Maverik’s customers and employees. We are very hopeful that once this small market test is completed, Maverik will allow us to place All-Day Energy Spray in all 193 regional Maverik stores."

Maverik gave the company permission to create a point-of-purchase poster to be placed on the front door of the 10 stores carrying the product. This will increase visibility and overall brand recognition of the spray, UpLift stated.

All-Day Energy Spray, available in four flavors—mint, grape, citrus and cinnamon—is an energy-enhancing mouth spray that contains a new trademark called Xytine, which could be the most potent energy formula available today, according to UpLift.

All-Day Energy Spray is delivered into the body sublingually, which is the fastest way to feel the results of this or any similar product. It helps sustain energy for hours with just a few sprays. Fitting perfectly in a pocket or purse, the spray can be used on repeated occasions after it is opened and requires no refrigeration, the company said.

This represents a new category in the booming energy enhancement market, according to the maker. All-Day Energy Spray targets the younger generation, including teenagers, college students and active young adults. UpLift noted it also has applications for sports enthusiasts who are on the run or need energy in an ultra-portable package.

In addition to test marketing, UpLift signed contracts with Black and White Productions to produce the first in a series of short videos that will run in a viral online video marketing campaign—at which time, a new Xytine character will be revealed. The campaign will focus on BMX biking, skateboarding, skiing and other extreme sports.

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