Meet the 2024 Category Captain for CBD/Cannabis: J And A Consumable Products

With a low price point of $5 or below, its products bring new affordability to the CBD category.
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J And A Consumable Products launched Buck'A Buzz THC gummies in mid-2023 and disrupted the entire CBD/cannabis category. The product was designed to not only lure customers into convenience stores, but also change their spending habits.

An instant success with the c-store audience, distribution quickly grew from a limited number of retailers in Texas to 115 stores across four states, with an 83% reorder rate.

Following the success of Buck'A Buzz gummies, the company introduced:

  • Buzz Me Up, a 12-ounce slim can drink that blends 150 milligrams of caffeine with 5 milligrams of legal Delta-9 THC.
  • Buzz Shott, which offers a potent mix of caffeine and legal Delta-9 THC in a 3.5-ounce format, aligning seamlessly with existing energy products on c-store counters.
  • Hydra Buzz, a flavored drink powder designed for mixing with bottled water that combines electrolytes, vitamins and legal Delta-9 THC.

With a low price point of $5 or below, these products — which will be on store shelves by the 2024 spring break season — bring new affordability to the CBD category and make quality, legal THC products accessible to a wider audience. This year, J And A Consumable Products has agreements with three distributors that will expand the reach of its products to more than 10,000 stores across 12 states.

According to the company, unlike cannabis, hemp contains minimal THC, yet J And A's advanced extraction techniques enable it to harness a spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids, specifically utilizing legal Delta-9 THC. This compound forms the core of its products, offering a pure THC experience devoid of synthetic additives.

All information contained in this profile was supplied by the company.

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