Meet the 2024 Category Captain for Hot Beverages: McLane Co. Inc.

Its new CupZa! line is designed to meet the needs of retailers wherever they are on their hot beverage journey.
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In 2023, McLane launched CupZa!, its newest line of coffee and beverages as part of McLane Fresh, the distributor's newly launched foodservice program. CupZa! is designed to meet the needs of retailers wherever they are on their hot beverage journey.

Designed specifically with convenience store retailers and consumers in mind, the program offers high-demand flavors and drink styles that bring real value to retailers of every size. The line uses the finest coffee beans, ingredients and the latest in bean-to-cup technology to bring a wide range of popular hot beverages to retailers. The easy-to-use coffee machines and automated touchscreen roasters elevate the customer experience while eliminating retailer pain points.

McLane further lowers the barriers to entry for retailers of all sizes by offering customizable limited-time offers to match their needs or what's trending in the category. Hot beverages available through CupZa! include black coffee in the following blends: Columbian, CupZa! Decaf, Easy Street, Treaty Oak and Octane Blend. Additionally, CupZa! offers a French vanilla cappuccino and hot chocolate. Flavored shots available include Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, Doughnut, Hazelnut and more. All are dairy free, kosher and halal.

CupZa! offers customizable solutions and end-to-end support to retailers. From ordering and fulfillment to equipment and in-store merchandising, the program aims to eliminate barriers of entry for smaller retailers and solve logistical challenges for large chains. Because of the customizable nature of CupZa!, retailers don’t have to commit to equipment with large footprints — they can implement and scale to suit their business' unique needs.

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