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Michelina’s® Grill’ Ems Gourmet™

Michelina’s® Grill’ Ems Gourmet™ sticks and bites are perfect grab-n-go product for all menu day-parts. Increase store traffic and roller grill sales with Grill’ Ems Gourmet™ products.

New, irresistible Michelina’s® Grill’ Ems Gourmet™products are available in portable, easy-to-eat sticks and bites. Michelina’s® Grill’ Ems Gourmet™ sticks and bites deliver a crunchy bite and filled with savory, on-trend comfort food favorites such as macaroni & cheese; jalapeno peppers and cheddar cheese; and loaded baked potato! The perfect menu addition to increase store traffic and roller grill product sales for all day-parts.

• Macaroni & Cheese; breaded potatoes filled with macaroni & cheese
• Jalapeno Cheddar; breaded potatoes filled with cheddar cheese and jalapeños
• Breakfast Skillet; breaded potatoes filled with pork sausage, bacon, peppers, onions and cheese
• Loaded Potato; breaded potatoes filled with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon & green onions

Pack Sizes:
Grill’ Ems Gourmet™ Sticks: 24/3.3 oz. bulk pack
Grill’ Ems Gourmet™ Bites: 96/1 oz. bulk pack
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