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Mintel Menu Insights Now Tracking C-store Foodservice

CHICAGO -- Mintel Menu Insights has added non-commercial foodservice menus from hotels, colleges, universities, assisted living and senior centers, and convenience stores to its database. This allows Mintel to provide the most comprehensive view of the entire foodservice business, the company stated.

As with its restaurant menu tracking, Mintel Menu Insights' non-commercial data capturing allows users to track top-line information, including menu items, descriptions, ingredients, flavors and cooking preparation. Wherever it is available, the menu tracking data will also capture other vital information such as nutritional claims, brand names and ingredient claims.

"Traditional restaurants are only part of the foodservice picture. Mintel Menu Insights' new Non-Commercial database recognizes that for a more complete view of all the ways people spend their dining-out food dollars, it is important to look at non-commercial venues," stated Kathy Hayden, foodservice analyst at Mintel Menu Insights. "Whether in a company lunchroom or at a campus kiosk, non-commercial settings are where millions of people grab a yogurt and muffin, gather for a lunch meeting or even pick up a pizza to bring home after work."

Non-commercial foodservice is also where many food trends take hold, from local sourcing initiatives to health and wellness programs, the company said.

The first in-depth look at Mintel's new non-commercial data focuses on hotel eateries and includes menu details from the primary restaurants at major hotel chains, including Hyatt, Hilton, Marriot, and Sheraton.

Mintel Menu Insights now tracks menus from 150 non-commercial establishments, including 25 on-site hotel restaurants, 50 college and university settings, 50 retirement/assisted living center settings and 25 convenience stores, according to the announcement.

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