More Circle K Stores Stock NOHO Hangover Defense Shot

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More Circle K Stores Stock NOHO Hangover Defense Shot


LOS ANGELES -- Circle K stores throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and eastern Alabama are now offering NOHO -- The Hangover Defense shot, according to the maker, Los Angeles-based Dolce Bevuto LLC.

"Circle K has been a great retail partner for us and we are happy to expand our partnership with them into other locations," said Dolce Bevuto President Sean Stephenson. "Our demand for product is growing rapidly, and it's great to be able to direct our customers to even more retailers such as Circle K back East."

NOHO CEO Jay Grdina added that the company looks forward expanding with Circle K to more regions of the country. "The Southeast deserves to be hangover free, too, and we are confident we will have the same success that we had on the West Coast," Grdina stated.

According to Dolce Bevuto, NOHO is the No. 1 selling hangover prevention beverage. It was created by one of the top U.S. pharmacists to eliminate the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. The concoction is sold as a 2-ounce shot and designed to be taken before and during alcohol consumption.

NOHO can be found in other c-stores, including 7-Eleven, ampm, Mobil on the Run and Terrible Herbst.