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New Forecourt Products

MasonWays Mobile Water Caddy rolls to pump islands holding 16 gallons of windshield washer fluids to replenish washer buckets quickly.

MasonWays Outdoor Locked Emergency Spill Cabinets keep absorbent equipment for dangerous toxic spills secure and dry in one convenient location. Get your pump islands up and running fast after dangerous spills with your materials to remove gas and oil close at hand.

For over 35 years MasonWays has been an industry leader. MasonWays has a large selection of economically priced molded products to supply C-Stores, Fuel Chains, Supermarkets, Mass Merchandisers as well as the Food Service Industry. Products are manufactured to meet high quality commercial grade standards and carry a warranty.

www.masonways.com   800-837-2881  [email protected]


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