New Lime-A-Rita Campaign Reaches Out to Women

ST. LOUIS — Lime-A-Rita will become the first brand in the Anheuser-Busch U.S. portfolio to market exclusively to women, the company announced.

Led by a team of female marketers, agency partners and brewmasters, Lime-A-Rita is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a head-to-toe makeover including a new look and marketing campaign. It will also unveil five new flavors for the lineup this year.

According to Anheuser-Busch, Lime-A-Rita has naturally resonated with women since it hit shelves in 2012. With women representing 51 percent of the U.S. population and driving 85 percent of consumer purchasing decisions through influence and buying power, the brand saw an opportunity to transform the beverage category.

Aptly named "Make It A Margarita Moment" campaign, it will feature new pop-art-inspired package design and on-trend flavors to deliver more margarita moments to female drinkers.

"By using the existing strength we have with female drinkers, we are poised to exclusively speak to women and bring more margarita moments to their lives," said Selena Kalvaria, senior director for Lime-A-Rita. "We did our homework to understand the special connection female drinkers have with margaritas, and uncovered insights on the role that Lime-A-Rita plays in bringing women together. Our brand provides a variety of delicious, fun and flavorful drinks that allow her to enjoy spontaneous moments with friends."

Make It A Margarita Moment will be a national campaign that features a series of vignettes titled "Romantic Face," "Brazilian," "Rooftop" and "Disco" that showcase the real conversations women have when they get together, and the role Lime-A-Rita plays in fostering those moments. It will include female-centric TV and digital ads, as well as social, retail and experimental components.

The creative campaign was developed by a female team from FCB Chicago, and directed by "Hey Wonderful's" Tricia Brock, whose credits include cable TV hits such as "Girls" and "Orange is the New Black."

"It is a privilege to partner with a brand that is truly committed to finding more relevant ways to connect with women," said Melanie Hellenga, senior vice president, group management director at FCB Chicago. "We wanted to tap into real moments, when women get together with their friends, drink margaritas, let loose and go where the conversation takes them."

Coinciding with the new campaign, Lime-A-Rita will debut its first major redesign since 2012. Starting this week, the packaging will reflect the new direction the brand is taking. Inspired by pop-art, the design elevates perceptions by leveraging cues from spirits with a focus on the margarita and simple, colorful fruit, the company stated.

"Our goal with this redesign was to give women a product that she is proud to hold, serve and share with her friends," Kalvaria commented.  

Lime-A-Rita will launch five new flavor additions this spring to keep the product portfolio up-to-date with on-trend flavors. Grape-A-Rita will be added to the brand's core line, while Peach-A-Rita will be available through August as a summer seasonal. Orange-A-Rita will launch regionally in select markets. Lastly, Splash by Lime-A-Rita — a take on the traditional margarita with a lower alcohol by volume — will also add new flavors, including: Pine-Apple-Rita Splash nationally and a limited-edition flavor, Coco-Nut-Rita Splash, which will be available in a special variety pack starting in April.

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