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Orion Rolls Out First "Hot Donuts" Program Nationally

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Convenience store foodservice company Orion Food Systems has launched its new "Hot Donuts" program nationally.

"Orion's Hot Stuff Hot Donuts offering is the only national program that I'm aware of that allows the retailer to provide delicious hot donuts to meet morning traffic and demand throughout the day," said Des Hague, president and CEO of Orion.

The key to the program's success, according to Hague, is the donuts' proprietary recipe. "Our Hot Donut received a big thumbs up from the retailer's customers for its taste profile, with particular comments made about the freshness of the product," said Hague. "That customer reaction certainly pleased our retailers, who also found that the 'thaw-heat-serve' product maintains its integrity up to two hours in the heated Hot Stuff product merchandiser, thus dramatically reducing waste."

When asked about the implication of the popular low-carb phenomenon, Hague noted that Americans are still enjoying bakery items and encouraged consumers' sensible eating habits and choices. "Orion/Hot Stuff approaches the marketplace with a broad selection for a broad consumer market," noted Hague. "We service our franchise and licensee partners with an array of choices ranging from our brand new 'carb-reduced' menu line to sweet indulgences such as delicious hot donuts."
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