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Peanut Chews Candy Airs Its First-Ever TV Spots

Peanut Chews candy brand, introduced in 1917, is airing its first television spots. As part of the brand's national launch this year, the two humorous commercials are inspiring fans to "Chews. Something Different."

One spot focuses on a freestyle Motocross rider watching other jumpers fly off the ramp and perform aerial stunts. The biker savors his Peanut Chews, which seem to inspire him, then out jumps his friends by pulling off a backflip on a Bajah scooter. Also in the commercial is the national debut of the new off-road Segue, a two-wheeled, self-balancing, electric transportation vehicle.

The second commercial is set at a college-wrestling meet where a brutish, imposing contender is awaiting a stalling opponent. Flash to the opponent who is wearing superhero face paint and a cape and is flanked by two beauties while he eats his Peanut Chews.

"'Chews. Something Different' is the call to action around which these spots and the brand's entire marketing campaign will revolve," said Mark Plamondon of Tandem Associates, Peanut Chews marketing firm that created the TV commercials. "The Peanut Chews brand is positioned to target young adults who envision themselves as somewhat non-conformists, and appreciate that this product is different from mainstream candy brands."

The commercials can be viewed at the new launched earlier this month. The site is a mix of urban youth, action sports and candy appeal. Viewers will see the :30 second ads on NBC, USA Cable and Fuel TV revolving around the Dew Action Sports Tour event schedule.

There are two flavors of Peanut Chews, Original Dark and Milk Chocolatey. Peanut Chews are available in a host of convenient sizes and snack packs.
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