Perfect Petroleum Joins VP Retail Branding Program

ORLANDO, Fla. — Perfect Petroleum is the latest distributor to sign on with VP Racing Fuels Inc.’s retail branding program.

Orlando-based Perfect Petroleum services more than 250 retail locations across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Kansas and Oklahoma, and is positioned to greatly enhance VP’s expansion efforts in Florida and the southeastern United States, according to the announcement. 

“We looked carefully at VP’s program and found much to like,” said Bryan Chamberlain, director of business development for Perfect Petroleum. “VP has an attractive image and has targeted millennials, which are the future of this business. We believe that the image complements our current offerings and the company’s expansion footprint aligns nicely with our key marketing areas.” 

Chamberlain noted that another important factor leading to the partnership is the new revenue available from VP-branded products, such as VP Small Engine Fuels, Madditive performance chemicals, 5-gallon plastic Sportsman’s Containers and VP apparel.

“Perfect Petroleum is an important addition to our roster of partners and we’re very pleased to have them on our team,” said Alan Cerwick, president of San Antonio-based VP Racing Fuels. “The folks at Perfect were quick to grasp the benefits of VP’s branding program, not the least of which is VP’s appeal to a younger demographic through our reputation for racing and performance along with our edgy marketing programs. We look forward to working with Perfect Petroleum to expand our program throughout Florida and the Southeast.”

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, VP Racing Fuels is known as the “World Leader in Race Fuel Technology.” As part of its retail branding program, gas stations and convenience stores across the U.S. are being branded as VP Racing Fuels, with each providing distribution for VP’s other product lines.

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