PHOTO GALLERY: The View From Maverik's New Base Camp


SALT LAKE CITY — Convenience Store News recently visited Maverik Inc.’s new headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City. After several years of being housed in low-slung, warehouse-looking buildings in North Salt Lake City, Maverik moved its headquarters — which it calls Base Camp — to a 13-story building smack in the middle of the city.

With the convenience store chain’s first non-gas store occupying the ground floor, Maverik’s new offices take up four upper floors of the striking building, where a large, red Maverik Base Camp logo is painted on the outside of the entire top floor.

Inside, the offices reflect Maverik’s “Adventure’s First Stop” theme, the tagline the company currently uses to communicate its goal of being a destination for its active, adventure-oriented, core customers.

Some of Base Camp’s adventurous elements include:

  • Elevator doors that look like mine shafts;
  • Wall map murals with employees’ names playfully hidden among real geographic features;
  • A rock climbing wall; and
  • Sweeping, panoramic views of Salt Lake City against a breathtaking mountain backdrop.
Maverik Inc.’s new headquarters – called Base Camp – is in a 13-story downtown Salt Lake City building.
Maverik’s first non-gas store is on the main floor of the Base Camp building.
The convenience store chain’s adventure theme is incorporated throughout Base Camp.
Elevator doors look like mine shafts.
Base Camp décor utilizes natural-looking materials that mimic stone and wood formations.
Sweeping, panoramic views of Salt Lake City are available from almost anywhere on the four floors.
Inspirational messages, such as Maverik’s Core Values, are featured throughout Base Camp.
Even stairwell signage captures the retailer’s adventurous spirit.
Maverik Base Camp is a truly unique office space.
Workers and visitors can try Base Camp’s rock-climbing wall.
A test kitchen whips up new prepared food items for the stores.
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