Pilot Flying J Starting Point for CyberFuels Product Rollout

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Pilot Flying J will incorporate CyberFuels Inc.’s Dynamo Diesel Cetane Booster at four of its travel centers, beginning the week of April 13.

According to CyberFuels, the product has been to shown to deliver an average Cetane rating over 52 when added to regular diesel fuel at fill-up.

“We believe Dynamo Diesel Cetane Booster improves engine performance, power and increases miles per gallon along with improving cold flow, increasing lubricity and cleaning fuel injectors,” stated Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.-based CyberFuels.

The Cetane Booster will be implemented at four Pilot Flying J stores, two in Dalton, Ga., one in Cartersville, Ga., and one in Jackson, Ga.

“We are very excited to see our Dynamo Cetane Booster available in these fine Pilot and Flying J travel centers. We urge everyone to go and take advantage of this convenient way to purchase Dynamo Cetane Booster," said Ron Mills Sr., CEO of EncounterCare, parent company to CyberFuels.

CyberFuels is currently completing an advertising campaign to complement the product rollout at Pilot Flying J. The campaign, to appear on Sirius XM’s “Road Dog Trucking” broadcast, will tout the unique benefits of the Cetane Booster.

Knoxville-based Pilot Flying J has more than 650 retail locations.

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