Pump N Pantry Adopts New Marketing Tools

MONTROSE, Pa. — Pump N Pantry Inc. teamed up with OpenStore by GasBuddy to create a new marketing platform that allows it to reach customers through a branded mobile app, individual store web pages, mobile coupons, and social media that includes Facebook and Twitter.

“We’ve been looking for new ways to communicate with our customers about our great food, exciting promotions and valuable coupons,” said Scott Quigg, president of Pump N Pantry. “Newsprint and broadcast radio are no longer relevant to some of our most important shoppers. We needed to find a way to reach that group. The Pump N Pantry app, along with our new social media presence, will allow us to reach and reward those customers.”

Founded in 1975, Montrose-based Pump N Pantry Inc. operates 17 convenience stores in the northern tier of Pennsylvania. 

OpenStore is a digital marketing solution that helps convenience store owners and managers concentrate on reaching and rewarding their customers without having to build and maintain information technology systems, according to the company. 

"OpenStore provides everything retailers need to bring modern, tech-savvy customers to their stores," said Jason Toews, co-founder and CEO of Gaithersburg, Md.-based OpenStore.

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