'Pure Hershey' Campaign Touts Milk Chocolate

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'Pure Hershey' Campaign Touts Milk Chocolate

The Hershey Co. has launched a new advertising campaign, "Pure Hershey’s," a pair of broadcast spots that bring Hershey's milk chocolate to life in real-life scenes of happiness and togetherness.

Hershey’s partnered with advertising agency Arnold New York and Aardman Animations, the creators of the Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit series, to create and develop the spots. The spots harness 3D animation to showcase real-life vignettes that come alive from molten Hershey's chocolate.

The "Pure Hershey's" campaign answers the question "What makes a Hershey's Bar pure?" by inviting viewers into the world inside a Hershey's Bar.

"The concept for 'Pure Hershey's' was unique and exciting," said Aardman director Bobby Proctor. "We utilized the popular 1982 song 'I Melt With You,' by Modern English and paired it with nostalgic, emotional scenarios that would begin and end with the Hershey's bar melting and reforming. The scenes convey the feelings of happiness and simplicity that one might have while eating Hershey's chocolate."