Qwickserve by Petrosoft


Qwickserve by Petrosoft is a made-to-order foodservice software application that enables customers to order items directly through an in-store touchscreen or right from their smartphone or tablet. The technology solution for the foodservice industry provides convenience, greater accuracy and a tailored experience for both the retailer and customer, according to Petrosoft. Qwickserve allows retailers to create custom online menus that give customers a complete branded experience, and edit their menu selections by time of day or season. Users can also track sales, manage work flow and stay on top of their orders with ease; create and run a wide range of loyalty programs, promotions, discount prices and other meal options; increase order efficiency and decrease error by printing out duplicate receipts for customers and the kitchen; and reduce IT expenses through the complete web-based service. The solution is 100-percent compatible with Petrosoft's C-Store Office and SmartPOS.