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RC Cola Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB) is celebrating a century of RC Cola this year with a promotion that hits stores nationwide on Memorial Day weekend and lasts through Labor Day.

During the summer RC Cola will unveil special 100th anniversary packaging, along with a summer promotion consisting of sweepstakes in local markets. Prizes will include commemorative RC T-shirts, caps, bicycles, coolers and RC Cola products, which consumers will enter to win at participating retail establishments.

"RC Cola is a brand that embodies individuality and the American spirit," said Charlotte Dimery, brand manager for RC Cola. "Since its launch in 1905, when a young pharmacist decided to supply his family's grocery store with drinks that he produced and bottled, RC Cola has maintained a loyal following because of its refreshing signature taste. Today, consumers have countless beverage choices, yet RC Cola has withstood the test of time, which is truly worth celebrating."

Among the highlights of RC's 100-year history:

• In 1954, it was the first brand to be to nationally distributed in an all aluminum can, the first to offer a low-calorie diet cola and a caffeine-free soda.

• In the 1950s RC Cola ads graced the pages of publications such as the Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping, and endorsements by Hollywood stars such as Joan Crawford, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were featured on billboards throughout the nation.

• RC Cola received its name from the people who matter the most: its customers. When the reformulated product was released in 1934, the manufacturer named it Royal Crown Cola. As the soft drink became increasingly successful, consumers affectionately abbreviated the name to RC.
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