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Revitalizing Milk in Your Stores: How To Optimize Your Milk Opportunity




Are you giving the dairy case the attention it deserves? Milk offers unmatched traffic, basket rings and higher profit potential than most other categories. And as the third largest beverage category, milk delivers $14.3 billion in sales at retail and $25.1 billion in sales across all channels – with significant growth in key segments. Now, more than ever, there is an enormous opportunity to reinvent the dairy case from a wall of white to a fresh, convenient and inviting experience for shoppers. By attending this webinar, you’ll gain insights on how to optimize your milk category and compel shoppers to buy more milk. We will discuss how:

  • Dairy milk is a powerhouse category – More than 95% of households have milk in the fridge with 30 annual trips per buyer.
  • Milk delivers against consumer and shopper needs – Milk is local, delicious and nutritious. Eight out 10 of moms think milk is very or extremely healthy.
  • We can help you revitalize the milk case – We can work with you to bring excitement back to your milk case – from short-term to long-term via strategic marketing, bringing attention to shelf and driving packaging and product innovation.




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