RFA Analysis: Automakers Endorse E15 for Majority of New Vehicles

Consumers are legally permitted to fill up with the renewable fuel in 96% of vehicles on the road today.
Danielle Romano
Managing Editor
Danielle Romano
E-15 fuel

ELLISVILLE, Mo. — A recent analysis of vehicle owners' manuals and warranty statements indicate that nearly all new 2024 cars carry the manufacturer's explicit approval of E15.

According to the Renewable Fuels Association's (RFA) annual review, E15 received the green light for use in approximately 95% of model year 2024 cars and light trucks.

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"RFA has worked diligently with the auto industry for more than a decade to ensure a smooth market transition to E15, and we are pleased that each year more manufacturers recognize its benefits," said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. "Nearly all cars, SUVs and pickups on the road today are legally approved to use E15, and just about all new 2024 vehicles carry the manufacturer's explicit approval of the fuel. 

"Given the emissions and cost savings with E15, we urge Congress and the administration to move quickly to adopt nationwide, year-round use of the blend. It's better for the air and public health; it’s better for family budgets; and it’s better for the U.S. economy and energy security," he added. 

Greenlighted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for all vehicles built since 2001, consumers are legally permitted to fill up with E15 in 96% of vehicles on the road today. 

RFA 2024 Car Manufacturers E15 Approval

New for 2024, Subaru approved the use of E15 in its popular Forester model, completing the manufacturer's multiyear shift to E15 across the board. Notably, BMW and Mini continue to approve the use of gasoline containing up to 25% ethanol (E25) in the manufacturers' vehicles.

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Mercedes-Benz, Mazda and Volvo do not specifically list E15 as an approved fuel, and the light-duty internal combustion vehicles produced by those three automakers collectively make up almost 6% of total U.S. sales. Their failure to endorse E15 use leaves air quality and climate benefits on the table, Cooper said.

Currently, consumers can access E15 at more than 3,200 gas stations, with significant expansion on the horizon, since the Biden Administration has made another $450 million available in the Inflation Reduction Act for higher-blend fueling infrastructure. 

Headquartered in Washington, D.C, the RFA is a leading trade association for America's ethanol industry, driving growth in sustainable renewable fuels and bioproducts for a better future.

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