Risser Oil Streamlines, Enhances Fuel Pricing Strategy

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Risser Oil, operator of Rally Stores, has selected PriceAdvantage fuel price management software to consolidate competitor pricing data and rapidly execute pricing strategies for 54 company-owned and commission sites throughout central Florida. 

PriceAdvantage is a division of Skyline Products.

"Risser Oil is a great example of how PriceAdvantage can provide extraordinary value to fuel marketers who need to navigate the complexities of operating a combination of company-owned and commission stores," said Chip Stadjuhar, president and CEO of Skyline Products. "They can streamline pricing by removing tedious, time-consuming manual processes where possible. Plus, PriceAdvantage makes it easy to monitor store performance."

Rather than rely on store personnel to submit competitor surveys, PriceAdvantage imports OPIS reports to provide an up-to-date and reliable view of current street prices. Using the software, Risser will be able to easily reference competitor prices along with historical store performance to make more informed pricing decisions, according to Skyline. It will also able to utilize the notifications component to quickly send new prices to stores via text or email.

"Risser has moved PriceAdvantage from the position of 'would be nice to have' to 'this is a must have,'" said Risser Oil Chief Information Officer Craig Sparks. "First, it allows us to easily create store-specific pricing strategies. We then utilize the automatic OPIS data feeds and historical data to make better pricing decisions. The added bonus is that we can do all this from our mobile phones. Not being tied to our desks is a huge benefit."

Clearwater, Fla.-based Risser Oil markets Rally Stores, Mobil, Exxon, Shell and BP Amoco petroleum products throughout west-central Florida.

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