Royal Farms Wins Baltimore Arena Naming Rights

BALTIMORE — Royal Farms won the naming rights for the Baltimore Arena this week when the city's Board of Estimates approved a $1.25-million contract that had been in the works for a year, according to a Baltimore Business Journal report. The site will be renamed Royal Farms Arena.

This deal marks an expansion of the existing partnership between the arena and the Baltimore-headquartered convenience store chain.

Royal Farms was reportedly one of the top prospects for the naming rights due to its status as a local company. The arena will begin changing interior signage to reflect the new name immediately, and new exterior signage is expected to be up by Nov. 1.

Arena General Manager Frank Remesch predicts the new name will spread among residents quickly, although some prefer to use its previous names. "Some people still call it Civic Center," he told the news outlet. "I think a small group of people will still hold on to the Civic Center, the arena, whatever they grew up with."

The most recent holder of the arena's naming rights was First Mariner Bank, which paid $750,000 over a 10-year period.

As the arena's namesake, Royal Farms will be able to offer ticket deals in its stores. "This really is a true partnership," Remesch said. "They're going to help me sell tickets."

If a new arena is built or the current arena is remodeled, Royal Farms will also have the first right to negotiate new naming rights or retain its name on the arena, according to the report. No plans for either are currently in the works.

Royal Farms operates 160 convenience stores in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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