Sheetz Introduces Z-Card


In an effort to drive in-store sales during the holiday season, Sheetz Inc. launched its new prepaid "Z-Card" at all 270 Sheetz convenience stores.

The Z-Card gift card can be purchased in amounts ranging from $10 to $100 and can be used toward any product purchase at Sheetz stores in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Ohio.

"Expectations are high for our newest Sheetz product," said Rich Steckroth, new business development manager for Sheetz. "Because Z-Cards don't have to be secured behind the counter like paper gift certificates, we can merchandise them on the floor. As a result, they're a greater impulse buy through the holidays and for special events."

According to preliminary reports, the gift card is a success, said Louie Sheetz, executive vice president of marketing for the Altoona, Pa.-based chain. The average dollar value purchase of the gift card is already up over last year's paper gift certificates. Customers can buy the cards over the phone or on the company's Web site,

"It's the perfect holiday gift for our customers craving a late night Made-to-Order sandwich or early morning cup of coffee," Sheetz said. "We have a lot of customers who request more and more Sheetz stocking stuffer ideas. I'm sure the convenience of Sheetz Z-Cards will find their way to many stockings this holiday."
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