Sheetz Sells Gas For $2.95 a Gallon

BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- Motorists took advantage on Dec. 17, to fill up at a Sheetz store located here, which was selling gas at 14 cents cheaper than any other Sheetz stores in the area.

According to the Centre Daily Times each of the Sheetz 14 gas pumps were busy, as motorists filled up their tanks for $2.95 a gallon. The special pricing was part of the celebration of the opening of the latest Sheetz store located on state Route 150 in Benner Township.

Prices in the area have hovered around the $3.05-$3.10 mark for the past few weeks, so motorists made sure to fill up for the lower price that day at the Sheetz store.

According to the news outlet the lower gas price promoted a general drop in gas prices among the store's nearest competitors -- Uni-Mart dropped their regular unleaded to $2.97 a gallon, while across the street Snappy's was $2.95.

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