Shell Credit Cards Aim for "Top of Wallet"

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Shell Credit Cards Aim for "Top of Wallet"

HOUSTON -- Shell Oil Products US will launch a new credit-card incentive and marketing campaign, beginning Oct. 1, to raise awareness for its Shell Platinum MasterCard and its benefits, in an effort to boost the number of active cardholders and increase loyalty of Shell customers, the company stated.

"This promotion, as well as the national advertising and communications campaign, was created to emphasize the total card value to consumers if they use this card as their 'top of wallet card' for all of their Shell purchases, as well as all purchases everywhere else," Elizabeth Hudson, manager of the Shell MasterCard program at Shell Oil Products US, said in a statement.

"You can only fill up your car so many times a month to earn the 5-percent rebates on Shell gasoline purchases. However, if you use the card everywhere else, you also earn rebates towards Shell gasoline, which further cuts your cost of driving without lowering the quality of your fuel."

As part of the campaign, consumers will be offered year-round rebates for Shell gasoline and additional rebates on other purchases. In addition, for consumers who open a new account between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2007, Shell will offer 5 percent rebates on all Shell gasoline purchases, as well as 5-percent rebates for 60 days on the first $2,000 in all other purchases, earning up to $100 in rebates, according to the company.

Shell noted that the 5-percent rebates on all other purchases for the first 60 days will be particularly attractive during the holiday season in the fourth quarter.

At the end of the initial period, cardholders will continue to earn 5 percent rebates on Shell gasoline purchases, and 1 percent rebates on purchases everywhere else. Rebates are automatically credited to customers' monthly statements toward future Shell gasoline purchases made with the card, the company stated.

The card also boasts online account management, "lost wallet service" and no annual fee for the first year, which can be waived after the first year with nine or more Shell gasoline purchases per year.

The campaign will be promoted through a national advertising and communications program using TV and Internet advertisements and public relations efforts to generate consumer awareness of the card and its offer.

Television commercials will feature the lab coat-clad "Shell passionate experts" from the current Stop Gunky Buildup campaign. The duo is shown making purchases with the Shell Platinum MasterCard. Each time they use the card, sales representatives hand them a container of Shell gasoline, the company stated.

During the fourth quarter, the campaign will don holiday themes along with third-party spokesmen, who will promote the card as a way to manage budgets during the holidays.

In addition, Shell stations will receive a comprehensive point-of-purchase package, including pump toppers, pole signs, register signs and other forms of on-site advertising. The material uses purple and green colors, and will highlight the introductory offer, the company stated. The message begins at street level and details are offered at the pump and inside the facility.