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Shell Launches New Premium Gasoline

HOUSTON -- Shell has developed its new advanced fuel, V-Power, which actively cleans critical engine parts -- specifically intake valves and fuel injectors -- as customers drive their cars. The new gasoline goes on sale this week at Shell stations across the country.

Shell V-Power has more than five times the minimum amount of cleaning agents required by government standards, according to Mark Henry, manager of fuels for Shell Oil Products U.S. Just as the exterior of a vehicle accumulates dirt and other build-up over time, a vehicle's engine may also accumulate build-up if it runs on low-detergent fuels. With regular use of Shell V-Power, drivers can clean their vehicles' intake valves and fuel injectors as they drive.

"When your drains and pipes are clogged, you use a clog remover that can clean soap scum and food build-up so that water can move more efficiently through them," Henry explained. "Similarly, Shell V-Power can remove carbon deposits left behind by low-detergency gasolines so that the air and fuel can mix more efficiently inside your vehicle's engine -- cleaning your car's engine as you drive."

The integrated marketing communications program supporting Shell V-Power represents one of the company's largest marketing campaigns in more than 20 years and will feature print, national television, Internet, and radio advertising in key Shell markets. In addition, the rollout of the new gasoline will be supported with public relations programs, grassroots and experiential marketing initiatives, direct-mail promotions and point-of-purchase displays.

New Shell V-Power gasoline replaces the company's existing premium-grade offering and is currently available at Shell stations nationwide.
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