Shell Utilizes New Online Video Ad

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Shell Utilizes New Online Video Ad

SAN FRANCISCO -- Shell Oil, in search of stronger online engagement with consumers around the issue of alternative energy, is deploying a new video ad format that allows for more interactivity than traditional online video modules.

Shell is utilizing new format recently introduced by San Francisco-based video search engine company, blinkx. Called Un-roll, the new format was developed in-house by blinkx in response to the need for an alternative format to traditional pre- and post-roll advertisements. Available through blinkx AdHoc, the Un-roll integrates a brand with relevant, professionally-produced programming on the Web and serves up multiple touch-points, including contextual overlay ads and logos, throughout the viewing experience.

"The exponential growth of online video—both long- and short-form—presents tremendous opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike. The blinkx Un-roll unit is a new format to the market that provides high impact branding in and around online video content, complete with a return path to garner response," said Stefan Bardega, director of Digital, MediaCom, Shell's digital media agency. "These types of formats are the future of online video advertising and will become more ubiquitous than the traditional online 'pre-roll' ad, which affords no interactivity. Both MediaCom and Shell have a rich history of innovation and we are pleased to be driving this digital innovation online with blinkx."

MediaCom and Shell Oil are among the first agencies and brands, respectively, to deploy the new ad format. The new Shell Un-Roll ad unit begins with a branded curtain that draws back to reveal the video and a branded blinkx video player when the video has fully buffered. As the video plays content related to reducing automotive gasoline usage, touch-points such as overlay ads and logos appear at contextually relevant moments within the video. The video ends with a call-to-action and the viewer has the option to continue the experience by clicking a link to Shell’s Web site.

"We're proud to offer our advertisers a unique and effective alternative to traditional pre- and post-roll video advertising," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx. "Although click-through rates for pre-roll advertisements tend to be positive, some viewers are reluctant to watch 30 seconds of advertising for videos that sometimes last only one minute. Now, using the Un-roll, brands and agencies, like Shell and MediaCom, can tell their story through highly targeted advertisements within online television because blinkx technology understands video better than any other service available today."

To see the Un-roll in action, click here.