Sinclair Oil Plans to Double in Size by 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — Sinclair Oil Corp. may be 100 years old, but it is not slowing down. Instead, the oil company is looking toward the future with plans to bring its familiar dinosaur logo across the country. 

According Sinclair, the company's future includes "ambitious plans to grow by more than 100 percent." The aggressive growth campaign will roll out through 2024. 

The Salt Lake City-based company was founded on May 1, 1916 and has sold fuel and oil in the United States as one of the oldest continuous brands in the oil industry. Branded gasoline and other Sinclair fuel and lubricant products are sold today at more than 1,300 stations, mostly in the Central Plains and Rocky Mountain regions. 

By 2024, Sinclair expects to double the number of Sinclair stations and be operating in most regions of the country. Most growth is expected to take place east of the Mississippi River.

Sinclair executives spoke about its national expansion plans exclusively with Convenience Store News in the December 2015 issue. Jack Barger, vice president of marketing and supply, told CSNews that the company's new brand licensing program would be a significant part of its business in the future. However, he added that as Sinclair navigates its next 100 years, it will stay true to its past and committed to the core attributes the brand has come to be known for.

"Because we're privately owned, our customers tell us all the time that we manage and operate our business a lot like they do. We're more flexible; we are more adaptable to what our customer needs are. We don't have lot of layers of management. Our owner comes to work every day and knows everyone here," Barger explained. 

"We're just friendlier. We're known for our personal relationships, which is why some of our customers have been with us for more than 50 years. We really care about their success, and we try to respond to the challenges they're facing and help them through our brand investments and promotions," he said.

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