Smoker Friendly to Carry Vamoose Tobacco Odor Eliminators

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Smoker Friendly to Carry Vamoose Tobacco Odor Eliminators

AUSTIN, Texas -- In a new partnership, the Vamoose family of tobacco odor elimination products will be distributed through HBI Intl., a leading independent wholesaler for tobacco and related products, and carried in Smoker Friendly stores.

"This is the first odor eliminating product I've tested that truly works for me," Doug Kennedy, publisher of RYO Magazine, said in a statement. "It does what it claims and does not overpower you with pungently overt fragrances."

The power behind the permanent removal of tobacco odors is Novexium which molecularly combines with the tar and nicotine molecules deposited by smoking and converts them into inert matter, explained a company spokesperson.

With sales offices and warehouses in the U.S., Canada and Germany, HBI distributes to convenience stores, general stores, and tobacco retailers including Smoker Friendly, the largest Cigarette and Tobacco Store (CTS) in the U.S.

HBI will stock and resell Vamoose in Fresh Scent, New Car Scent, Leather Scent and Fragrance Free sprays in 4- and 16-ounce spray bottles.

"It really removes the tobacco odor as opposed to other products which only mask the odor for short periods. Other products we've tested leave odors, that to many, are as unpleasant or at least as pervasive as the odors they try to eliminate," Kennedy said in a statement.