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Snickers Hunger Bars

Football jargon replaces Snickers label on packaging.
Snickers Hunger Bars

With the return of the NFL season, Snickers is debuting football-themed Hunger Bars that replace the iconic “Snickers” label on the packaging with football jargon. Among the words emblazoned on the Hunger Bars are: Bench Warmer, Benched, Blocked, Defeated, Defensive, Deflected, Denied, Downed, False Start, Flagged, Fumbled, Fumbly, Guarded, Incomplete, Intercepted, Off-Sides, Out of Bounds, Pancaked, Penalized, Punted, Rushed, Sacked, Sidelined, Snappy, Tackled, and Winded. The bars will be available throughout the football season.

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