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Speedway Promotes Gas Rewards

SKOKIE, Ill. -- Speedway SuperAmerica promoted its loyalty program last month with a "Speedy Rewards Card Giveaway Game," the In-Store Marketing Institute reported.

Four grand-prize winners received $2,500 worth of "Speedy Rewards" points, which are accrued to earn free gas; 100 daily winners throughout the promotional period won $50 in points.

The chain's Speedy Rewards cardholders were automatically entered by purchasing gas between Feb. 2 and March 1. The transactions triggered delivery of an additional receipt containing a code to be entered online or by mail. Winners were selected at random.

The game was communicated on gas and air pump toppers, window clings and the large marquees outside stores. Signage on the "Speedy Rewards Terminal" kiosks located near checkouts, which allow cardholders to access their accounts, provided game rules and also allowed cardholders print out codes without making a purchase.

Cardholders last month also could earn 200 bonus points by purchasing two specific products, such as breakfast sandwiches, 20-ounce soft drinks or king-size candy bars; eligible PepsiCo SKUs including Frito-Lay single-serve packages and 20-ounce SoBe Lifewater or Propel Fitness drinks.

Other Speedy Rewards offers included 500 bonus points for the purchase of a 15.2-ounce Minute Maid (from Coca-Cola) or 12-ounce Campbell's V8 along with a breakfast wrap or sandwich. The offer was promoted on cooler clings.
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