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Star Launches Ariva

CHESTER, Va.Star Scientific Inc. yesterday launched Ariva, a smokeless tobacco "cigalett" product in Dallas and Richmond, Va. test markets. Ariva is a compressed, powdered tobacco product designed to dissolve in the mouth and to be used during situations when smoking is prohibited or inconvenient. "Those who will use Ariva are adult smokers who increasingly find themselves in situations where they can't smoke -- for example, mothers who choose not to expose their children to second-hand smoke or travelers who fly on long plane trips," said Paul Perito, chairman, president and COO of Star Scientific.Star Scientific believes the Ariva smokeless cigalett pieces provide adult smokers, for the first time, with the opportunity to choose a convenient, alternative to use in those environments where smoking is prohibited either by law or social custom. "As a result of the broad enactment of laws prohibiting smoking in a variety of environments, cigarette companies have been separated from their adult customers. This cultural shift provides Star Scientific the opportunity to own a significant new market segment," Perito said.With Ariva Star is targeting adult smokers, not moist snuff users, who face increasing social or legal restrictions to smoking. The marketing positioning, "When you can't smoke," will be seen at point-of-sale. All in-store materials will be designed in-house. No other advertising is planned, a Star spokeswoman said. Last month, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. introduced in Topeka, Kan., and Youngstown, Ohio, a mint-flavored smokeless tobacco product, Revel, with the tagline "Anytime, anywhere," targeting consumers who want to light up but can't. Revel, unlike dissolving Ariva, must be removed from the mouth after 20 to 30 minutes.
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