State of Georgia Kicks Off 'Assistance at the Pump' Initiative

Georgia Department of Agriculture decals now include gas stations' phone numbers for disabled drivers to reach an attendant for assistance.

ATLANTA — A new initiative is launching in the Peach State.

"Assistance at the Pump" is a program that will aid disabled drivers in need of assistance by adding phone numbers for the station attendant to the preexisting Georgia Department of Agriculture inspection decals affixed to gas pumps across the state.

The initiative kicked off at a Circle K site located off of Lumpkin Road in Augusta.

During the 2021 legislative session, State Representative Henry "Wayne" Howard (D-Augusta) introduced House Bill 437, which would require gas station employees to dispense gas to disabled drivers in need of assistance.

Howard was joined by Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black in instituting the measure. Together, the constituents ensured the included information utilized the state's fuel inspectors as they perform their regulatory inspections at retail gas pumps. The decals now include a blank space for the gas station to fill in the phone number to reach an attendant and wording to instruct these drivers to call for assistance.

"This is not only a victory for our disabled community, but also proof that bipartisan collaboration is always a viable option when attempting to solve an issue," Commissioner Black said. "We would like to thank Representative Wayne Howard for his leadership in bringing this concern to our attention and working with us to find a workable solution for all involved."