Subway Rolls Out Menu Boards With Calorie Counts

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Subway Rolls Out Menu Boards With Calorie Counts


MILFORD, Conn. — Subway added calorie counts to its menu boards nationwide on Monday, despite a delay in the requirement date mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The new menu boards rolled out at 27,000 U.S. stores, reported The Associated Press

"I think consumers are looking for this, and with all the delays, they're confused as to why it's not out there," said Lanette Kovachi, leader of Subway's global nutrition efforts.

The FDA recently delayed enforcement of the menu-labeling mandate to one year after it publishes its still-pending final guidance for companies. However, chains like Subway, Panera Bread and McDonald's have already begun posting calorie information. Subway said it had already done so at approximately 4,000 stores in markets where the information is required, including New York City and California.

Additionally, it began testing the new menu boards in another 7,000 restaurants in January.

As the calorie counts of Subway sandwiches vary based on what toppings are requested, the menu boards will list information for basic sandwiches. The company also plans to display calorie counts for toppings such as olives and cheese on sneeze guards.