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Outsite Networks announced the beginning of it's nationwide Summer Loyalty Bonanza promotion, a 'turnkey' loyalty sweepstakes built on the company’s base of almost 1,000,000 consumer members.

The first Bonanza promotion offer $1,000 to a lucky RFID loyalty tag user, and $1,000 to the site conducting the winning transaction. Outsite is offering retailers a host of POP materials to help market the sweepstakes reward as well as audio messages via its pump media/audio system. The messages are automatically downloaded to participating retailers' pumps and will promote the sweepstakes once a fueling transaction begins.

This is the first of many vendor-sponsored sweepstakes, according to Outsite, and others will include trips, prizes, cash rewards and merchandise.

In other news, Symbol Technologies Inc. introduced the MC1000, a new value-priced enterprise mobility tool designed to improve operational efficiency in the retail, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics industries.

The MC1000 provides flexibility for data capture and numeric entry applications such as inventory management, stock checking, delivery confirmation and other scan-intensive applications. It has an ergonomic design and the ability to upgrade memory and wireless capabilities.

Additionally, it offers a high-quality laser scan engine for data capture and utilizes the standards-based Microsoft Windows CE operating system to deliver a familiar, easy-to-use interface for increased productivity and improved efficiency, according to the company.
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