TXB Tackles the Phygital Space

The retailer’s digital app experience is an extension of its in-store experience.
TXB loyalty app

SPICEWOOD, Texas — To find out how convenience store retailers are building their omnichannel sales strategies, Convenience Store News recently caught up with Benjamin Hoffmeyer, vice president of marketing and merchandising for Texas Born (TXB).

In the nearly three years since its rebranding from Kwik Chek Food Stores to its current moniker, Spicewood, Texas-based TXB has worked to live up to its motto of "Leave 'Em Better." This means engaging its customers both in-store and digitally, a.k.a. the "phygital" space.

"At TXB, it is very important that our digital app experience is an extension of the in-store experience. Social media, app, delivery, loyalty and in-store must have a consistent strategy and tactics on how each platform will be used to engage and enhance the customer experience," Hoffmeyer explained. "Although each platform has different use occasions, they must all fit into a well-defined customer relationship management and journey strategy. Having clearly defined KPIs and goals for each platform is critical to providing a consistent customer experience."

The retailer's TXB Rewards program allows customers to engage with the brand on a daily basis by getting rewarded for every dollar spent inside the store and for every gallon purchased at the pump. Members have the choice of how and where they spend their loyalty points — in-store or digitally. They can choose to spend their points as cash in-store; as fuel discounts at the pump; donate points to their favorite charity; or use points to buy TXB branded products or national branded products under the "Reward Your Self Program" in the TXB app. Customers also earn tier loyalty status based on their number of trips per month or dollars spent per month.

Additionally, the retailer's mobile app allows customers to order ahead and schedule delivery while also earning loyalty points. Customers can leverage digital coupons in the app for mobile and in-store orders. They can also have their favorite TXB private-label products and delicious food delivered to their home while earning the same loyalty benefits as an in-store shopper.

The app features games, too, where rewards members can win free prizes and discounts on products. Gamification drives in-store activation and traffic, Hoffmeyer noted.

TXB ensures that all its touchpoints have a consistent look and feel from a brand standpoint, and that all have clearly defined goals of what the expected experience outcome looks like. 

"Our programs build upon one another with a consistent goal of reducing customer friction and giving customers more choices of how to interact with our brand digitally and in-store," said Hoffmeyer. "Earning rewards is an easy experience no matter how the customer engages with TXB."

These efforts are paying off in the form of increased customer traffic, stronger digital engagement, more app downloads and, ultimately, higher sales.

TXB currently operates 48 restaurant-style convenience stores across Texas and Oklahoma. Featuring freshly made food and a growing line of private-label products, the chain is continually looking for ways to give guests high-quality items and first-class service, all stemming from the Texas roots upon which the brand was built.

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