Uppy's C-stores Offer Koma Unwind

CHESTER, Va. -- Uppy's convenience stores have placed the full line of Koma Unwind Chillaxation Drink and Koma Unwind Chillaxation Shots in all its 38 locations, according to the supplier, Bebida Beverage Co.

"Business is really starting to pick up around here and we are delighted to have Uppy's join us in presenting our products to their customers in Virginia," Brian Weber, CEO of Bebida, said in a statement. "The most exciting thing about Koma Unwind is that whether you are a rambunctious kid that needs to unwind a little, a trucker trying to come down after long hours on the road or anyone else that just needs a fantastic night of sleep or afternoon of rest and relaxation, Koma Unwind is a solution where you can 'Chill without a pill' and now the great citizens of Virginia can access them at Uppy's."

In addition, distributor Novelty Express, a division of Mr Williams Co., added the Koma products to its portfolio and will introduce them to other stores in its 1,000-plus customer base.

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